My blog is moving

by Lungi (2)

Hi everyone, thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog over the 10 months that I have been active – it has been great interacting with everyone.

I have decided to move my blog to a self-hosted site, please join me there on – it will be a bit more about just my hair, I will include beauty and some travel posts.

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Hair heating tools analysis

My first graphic what what. I wanted to collate the different kind of heating tools that are available to us on this healthy hair journey. These are the more popular ones, I believe there are others, feel free to let me know in the comments. Also let me know which ones your own and are your favourites.

Heating tools

In terms of availability in South Africa – the bonnet dryer is available in some outlets. Hooded dryers can be bought from Game, I’ve seen some at wholesalers that sell salon equipment, they usually go for ~R900. I don’t know of any place that sells heating caps off the shelf or for delivery within SA. Believe it or not, I saw steamers for sale at my favourite wholesaler for ~R1000, they only had about 2 stock. You can also go to salons to get your hair steamed as part of their service. I recently bought a clothes steamer to steam my hair, it has been working wonderfully – I might just be slightly.

Wash Day | Mix Masala DC

Hey everyone, happy Monday 🙂

This wash day was about a week and a half after my last one; I had been wigging and wearing hats in between so there had been zero manipulation to my hair. I am currently trying to work down my DC stash so I am mixing products that are close to being finished, so in that way I can finish 2 or more products in one wash day *score!*.

I had an evening wash day that lasted from around 18:00 till 22:30, this is including putting my hair in perm rods and drying it for 30 minutes. Let me not give you any more spoilers, here is how everything went…

Mix MasalaDC (1)

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Quick wash day

Hi everyone, happy hump day! I had a quick wash day on Sunday evening. The highlight of this wash day was the minimal tangling of my hair even though I am at 13 weeks post relaxer *yay*. I also had very few shed hairs. After my last wash day when I used my steamer, my hair felt super soft, the only other moisturising I did was the LCO method on 4 days after the wash day using the steamer as the ‘L’.  Continue reading