Wash Day & Length Check

I had my 1 week post wash day over the weekend. I love these wash days after I touch up the new growth, they are so quick and easy. I also find it easier to style my hair during this time and try out some of the styles that I have in my *to do* folder, and trust me, there is a lot. I decided to give my hair a moisture boost on this wash day because I was planning to flat iron and this is known for sapping all the moisture from one’s hair.

I started detangling my hair around 1am on Sunday morning – don’t ask me why, after getting back home I just felt like washing my hair. By the time I applied my DC, it was 02:30 and I was more than ready to call it a night! Continue reading


Relaxer Touch Up #1 in 2015

I touched up my new growth on the 11th of January. I self relaxed using ORS Olive Oil No-Lye Hair Relaxer in medium strength, this is the 4th time I am doing it and I am becoming better each time and I *think* I have it on lockdown now. I did the half and half method which I am a fan of because it gives me more time to get the job done. I followed these steps: Continue reading