Wash Day | Mix Masala DC

Hey everyone, happy Monday 🙂

This wash day was about a week and a half after my last one; I had been wigging and wearing hats in between so there had been zero manipulation to my hair. I am currently trying to work down my DC stash so I am mixing products that are close to being finished, so in that way I can finish 2 or more products in one wash day *score!*.

I had an evening wash day that lasted from around 18:00 till 22:30, this is including putting my hair in perm rods and drying it for 30 minutes. Let me not give you any more spoilers, here is how everything went…

Mix MasalaDC (1)

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Mid-week experiment with twists

There’s something I want to share about myself: I love experimenting, it is a part of my DNA. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I am inclined to try it, no matter what. And my hair gets a fair share of experiments tried out on it.

So earlier this week while I was doing my night hair care stuff (scalp massage, moisturising and sealing), I thought to myself why not try some twists for a bit of curliness (y’all know I love me some curls). So I sectioned off my hair and moisturised using AfroBotanics Conditioning Moisturiser and procedded to twist each section, mind you, this was my first time ever trying this.
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Playing catch up

I have been lazy with regards to wash days lately, I last properly washed my hair 2 weeks ago – I did do a co-wash last week Wednesday because I needed to change my hair style from the perm rods look.

I was invited to attend Parliament a couple of weeks ago – so I really needed to have my hair looking good, so I decided to do a co-wash and a re-stlye on Wednesday. I followed the same routine as a normal wash day, but instead of using shampoo, I used the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturising Conditioner. I used The BodyShop Banana Conditioner for instant conditioning and the Dabur Vatika Intensive Nourishment Conditioner mixed with castor oil as a DC. I managed to use the last bits of the instant conditioner and the DC *whoop whoop* – more products in my empties stash. I put my hair in 8 flexi-rods and kept them overnight. In the morning, I took them out and created a pinned wavy look for the day. I took some pictures when I got home in the evening. Continue reading

Shoulder length to TWA

Hey everybody! I washed my hair over the weekend, over 2 days – I must say that deep conditioning overnight is working very well for me lately. During the week, I moisturised and sealed twice, and I definitely had a manipulation heavy week. Earlier the day on Saturday I went swimming in the ocean and did not protect my hair at all *bad Lungi* – so I new that my wash day had to be moisture focused. I also wanted to rock a curly style for the week. I love styling up my hair earlier on in my stretch because my hair is easier to handle, and I looooove curly hair.
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