[how I] Steam my hair using a clothes steamer

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good week so far. So wash day rolled around this past weekend and I decided to put my steamer to the test…check this post about how this idea came about.

I started my wash day late on Sunday, thanks to a power cut that lasted 16 hours! I decided to skip the prepoo step and go straight into deep conditioning on dry hair using the steamer. Continue reading


Hair steaming – the cheap way

Earlier this week while I was doing my random wish lists for all the extravagant things I want in life – I decided to add a hair steamer on my list. Reason is at that moment my hair was feeling dry after my previous wash day, and generally when I am deep into my stretch, I find it hard to keep my new growth moisturised a few days after wash day. I had read about steamers and how they are the best at infusing moisture into one’s hair.

I headed off to my best friend – the internet to search for steamers. As far as I know hair steamers are generally expensive and aren’t readily available off the shelf in SA. One thing led to another which led to another, and I found myself thinking…can’t I use a clothes steamer for my hair? That set off multiple light bulbs in my head – and true to my experimental nature, I had found a cheap-ish steamer online which was perfect for my experiment. Continue reading

[how I] make my moisturising spritz

Just a short post with my current favourite recipe for my moisturising spritz. I use this spritz to moisturise my hair when it is in a protective style: weaves, wigs, braids. At the beginning of my hair journey, I used to buy braid sprays and such like, but my experimental side came to the fore and I chose to make my own and I haven’t looked back ever since. I’ve tried a few formulas and I have found one that works i.e. my hair feels so moisturised after I take down the style. Continue reading

[how I] protect my hair on a long haul flight

I recently travelled to the other side of the world and this involved nearly 24 hours of travel from my home to the destination.

In previous times when I travel I usually have a protective style, so my actual hair is hidden. This time around, I had my hair out – and I knew that I had to protect it from the very dry air in the airplane and also from the friction against the seat while I’m *trying* to sleep.

Continue reading

Hooded drier dupe

Since starting my hair journey – I had been reading all my favourite blogs and there was one thing in common, everyone was DC’ing and doing prepoos using heat, so one thing I was desperate to get was a hooded drier. I searched for one and quickly realised that 1) they are expensive 2) they are bulky – at the time I was looking, I had limited space where I lived.


Fortunately for me, last year while I was living in Switzerland I came across a hair shop that sold what I call a hooded drier dupe. This nifty thingie connects to any blowdrier and has holes inside to distribute the hair all over your head – for me it is heaven sent because it is not bulky – I even travel with it at times and did not cost too much money (I bought it for 28 Swiss Francs, I think it is very possible it get it cheaper elsewhere because Swiss prices are very inflated compared to other places).



I feel like an alien when I have it on with the blowdrier

I use mine at every wash day, mostly for applying heat during my DC (for my prepoo, I usually go jogging to generate heat), I have also used itĀ getting my weaves completely dry on weave wash days. I love it because it has dramatically reduced the time I spend on my hair during wash days, because before I had it I would sit with conditioner on my hair for a minimum of 2 hours.

If you are in South Africa, you can find it here and here*.

*I am not vouching for any of these stores, I have never bought from them. I simply did a quick google search for this product in SA.