My top 5 hair care products

Hey everybody! We are officially half way through the year *whoop*

I don’t have a monthly favourites post for this month. I haven’t been doing much to my hair or to my face for any one product to stand out as a winner. So instead I have a list of my favourite products.

Here are my top 5 haircare products, those that I would take on a deserted island if I ever get stranded *how would I find time to pack hair care stuff if I was going to be deserted on an island*Β I hear you ask. OK, let’s start again; these are the products that I will climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest most shark infested ocean to find. For real, for real: these are my faves, I use them regularly and they always give me good and consistent results – I swear by them and recommend them to anyone who cares to listen. Continue reading


April Favourites


Definitely my fave hair related product was my scissors. I cut off all my tin ends earlier in the month and my hair looks so much better! So these scissors were a winner, I will not hesitate to use them the next time I have to get rid of some thinning ends. Continue reading


March Favourites

I want to start a new feature on the blog where I showcase my favourite products that won in my life in the previous month. So that it is streamlined and short, I will choose 1 hair product and 1 beauty/make-up product.
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