My blog is moving

by Lungi (2)

Hi everyone, thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog over the 10 months that I have been active – it has been great interacting with everyone.

I have decided to move my blog to a self-hosted site, please join me there on – it will be a bit more about just my hair, I will include beauty and some travel posts.

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Hair heating tools analysis

My first graphic what what. I wanted to collate the different kind of heating tools that are available to us on this healthy hair journey. These are the more popular ones, I believe there are others, feel free to let me know in the comments. Also let me know which ones your own and are your favourites.

Heating tools

In terms of availability in South Africa – the bonnet dryer is available in some outlets. Hooded dryers can be bought from Game, I’ve seen some at wholesalers that sell salon equipment, they usually go for ~R900. I don’t know of any place that sells heating caps off the shelf or for delivery within SA. Believe it or not, I saw steamers for sale at my favourite wholesaler for ~R1000, they only had about 2 stock. You can also go to salons to get your hair steamed as part of their service. I recently bought a clothes steamer to steam my hair, it has been working wonderfully – I might just be slightly.

Why I started blogging

Hi everyone, I just thought it would be an awesome idea to give you a bit of insight as to why I started this blog and of my intentions with it going forward.

I had a hair blog 5 months after starting my hair journey – I needed a place where I could document all that I was doing with my hair and I felt that a blog would keep me on my toes with respect to that. I also wanted to take lots of pictures to track my progress visually. Continue reading

[off hair] What’s in my bag?

wpid-fontover_2015723151211776.jpgI have seen this tag floating around and I thought it was quite cute and fun. I waited and waited to be tagged, but nope – so I am doing it anyway because I am a rebel like that. So I decided not to do my entire handbag, just one of the little bags within my bigger handbag where I carry all my beauty things to keep me looking fresh throughout the day. I carry around a lot of stuff – I never want to be caught unprepared and I am quite lazy to unpack my bag so I end up carrying all my junk around.  Continue reading

I’ve been featured


My dear hair friend Lebo over at JourneytoBeautHair has started a series where she is going to feature on a monthly basis relaxed hair bloggers from South Africa and eventually through the whole of Africa. I think it is such an awesome idea and I love her passion for it.

I was thrilled when she asked to feature me *eek* – mind you I am nowhere near my hair goals at the moment. I was sent a list of questions to answer. Then she asked for some Before and After pictures – luckily I have been an avid picture taker on my hair journey, so I have a whole library of them.

Having to look at my Before pictures gave me a whole mix of feelings from a bit of embrassament *was I really walking around with such bad hair*, pride *I have really come far*, laughter *how sad looking was my bun*. I think the most overwhelming feeling was pride – it felt great to see the progress I have made and the knowledge I have gained!

I loved Lebo’s write up, I was smiling widely while I was reading it, and laughing out loud at her captions on some of my photos! Anyhoo, enough rambling, Click Here to read the article.

Thanks Lebo for the feature ❤