All about me

Hi! Thanks for landing on my blog 🙂

My name is Lungi, I am South African who is on a healthy hair journey which started on the 16th of October 2012. This blog will be to record my progress on my hair…it is basically a diary of my hair journey. I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about this healthy hair shindig – I am still learning as I go along and doing lots of trial and error. So I may not be doing all the ‘best’ practices out there, but I figure this is my hair and therefore my rules.

My current goal is to get to Bra Strap Length, it is in fact my stretch target for 2015, and I do believe that it will happen.

I love interacting with other ladies on their HHJ, and I love reading on people’s experiences on their blogs. So please leave your blog address and I will sure visit.

A little bit of information about me:

  • I am Zulu – and I share the same surname as the current president of our country – but no…we are not related, not in the immediate family at least, but I figure there must be some relations somewhere down the bloodline
  • I love music and singing , I am not good at it – that’s a minor detail though in my books. Even if I don’t like a song, I usually find myself tapping my feet to the beat or humming it.
  • I am trying to wean myself off watching TV – I am down to 1-2 hours per day during the week – it’s slow progress but I am getting there.
  • I love learning all there is to know about subjects that interest me, to the point where it might be considered an obsession – that’s how I landed up on a healthy hair journey, so it’s not that much of a bad thing
  • I am obsessed with travelling, and I have had the privilege to do a bit of it in the past few years, I still have tons of places that I am still keen on visiting though.

20140816_171444I was trying to channel my inner fierce Arab woman while I was in the desert outside Dubai


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