Hooded drier dupe

Since starting my hair journey – I had been reading all my favourite blogs and there was one thing in common, everyone was DC’ing and doing prepoos using heat, so one thing I was desperate to get was a hooded drier. I searched for one and quickly realised that 1) they are expensive 2) they are bulky – at the time I was looking, I had limited space where I lived.


Fortunately for me, last year while I was living in Switzerland I came across a hair shop that sold what I call a hooded drier dupe. This nifty thingie connects to any blowdrier and has holes inside to distribute the hair all over your head – for me it is heaven sent because it is not bulky – I even travel with it at times and did not cost too much money (I bought it for 28 Swiss Francs, I think it is very possible it get it cheaper elsewhere because Swiss prices are very inflated compared to other places).



I feel like an alien when I have it on with the blowdrier

I use mine at every wash day, mostly for applying heat during my DC (for my prepoo, I usually go jogging to generate heat), I have also used it getting my weaves completely dry on weave wash days. I love it because it has dramatically reduced the time I spend on my hair during wash days, because before I had it I would sit with conditioner on my hair for a minimum of 2 hours.

If you are in South Africa, you can find it here and here*.

*I am not vouching for any of these stores, I have never bought from them. I simply did a quick google search for this product in SA.



6 thoughts on “Hooded drier dupe

  1. Sithabile Sibisi says:

    Hi Palesa Makuru, have you tried looking for a hooded dryer at Game stores (South Africa)? You’ll be shocked at how affordable it is.

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