My regimen 2015

I have made some tweaks to my regimen for 2015 based on the various growth challenges that I will be participating in. As this is my 3rd year of my journey – I am keen on getting maximum length retention! and I am aiming to reach BSL by the end of 2015. This is the regimen that I will follow. I am willing to be flexible with it but I will keep the basics of good hair practices on going.

Time between relaxers: 14-16 weeks


Week 0: Relax my hair, flat iron and length check

Week 1-2: Keep my hair out, but protecting my ends (buns, updos etc.)

Week 2: Protective Style 1 (braids, wig, weave)

Week 7: Undo protective style [in the 2 weeks, do a heavy protein treatment & use a clarifying shampoo]

Week 9: Protective Style 2 (braids, wig, weave)

Week 14: Undo protective style  [in the 2 weeks, do a heavy protein treatment & use a clarifying shampoo]

Week 16: Relax

My new regimen is very protective style intense. I plan to have my hair protective styled for 10 weeks in between my stretches. I think this gives me a good balance between wearing my hair out and having it hidden.

So the regimen I will follow this year will be from the #GrowthChallenge2015 by the Phro Group. It is basically more or less what I have been doing but it includes hot oil treatments and the challenges focus on using oils like castor oil and coconut oil.


3 thoughts on “My regimen 2015

  1. Fungi/curlyeva/Jeenz says:

    I like your regimen for 2015 its very simple and straight forward, all the best in the growthchallenge2015 i have just joined and also doing the ninja and rested growth routines so welcome to protective styling and healthy lengthy hair #2015 journey to Bsl girl wooooaahhhhh!!!!!!

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