#tbt …and I thought I was a product junkie

I am really enjoying looking back and digging up my older blog posts from the early days of my hair journey. It’s been quite interesting to see the change of my mentality from then till now. This is one of the main reasons why I love documenting my life on my blog and my journals, I love the feeling of looking back and seeing how far I have come 🙂

Anyhoo – this post is from my lifestyle blog which I have since closed down. The post is from March 2013 – and I was just sharing my hair product stash at that time, I really thought I was out of hand 😀 – right now I would love to have that size stash, with different products of course, it was so much easier to manage! Continue reading


#tbt Marketing of hair care products

Another one from the archives.

I wrote this blog post in March 2013, I was about 6 months into my healthy hair journey.

c149b3b0b0428e8b2b7946cad4eb94acWe all know those TV ads for hair products where the white girl is swishing her shiny brunette locks, and they are brilliantly catching the light, and the other side of the coin where a black girl is strutting across the street and her healthy relaxed hair is boouncing with every stride.

As a black girl, I have always thought that hair products also have a racial divide: Pantene, L’Oreal etc. for white hair and Dark&Lovely, Organic Root Stimulator for black hair, it just made sense that way and I never questioned it. Until of course, I embarked on my healthy hair journey, and the more I started reading up on taking care of my hair, the more I relaised that hair products dont’t have a racial divide, my hair will be quite happy using some L’Oreal product. Of course there are some products like relaxer that have a defined black market only, but things like shampoo, and conditioners are all fair game! Last year, I tried out this theory and bought Aussie Miracle Moisture Conditioner, and it is the best conditioner I have used to date, my hair looooves it, and it leaves my hair feeling so soft and yummy after I use it.

fb89b3797a1c150c9e2716843ff870ecI think at the end of the day, one you know what type of hair product you are looking for, and what ingredients you are most interested in, don’t be shy to look at the products aimed at the white market. Because at the end of the day, the one molecule in your hair product doesn’t know if your hair is kinky or straight, it just does what it is meant to do. Molecules don’t discriminate like that!