My blog is moving

by Lungi (2)

Hi everyone, thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog over the 10 months that I have been active – it has been great interacting with everyone.

I have decided to move my blog to a self-hosted site, please join me there on – it will be a bit more about just my hair, I will include beauty and some travel posts.

Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to receive all posts fresh off the press!


4 thoughts on “My blog is moving

  1. kangopie says:

    my last comment on this URL before you redirect. Well its been a good URL but I am so excited with the new URL. By Lungi … that sounds like growth to me. can’t wait to read the post where you explain what’s behind the name.

    *raises glass* here’s to you and this here blog and the epicness that is you *wink*
    I hope you don’t lose anyone in the move process. I still wish i had switched on re-directs when I moved to self hosting…

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