16 week stretch

Yipppeeee, another 16 week stretch is complete! Suffice to say that I will not be stretching for this long again. I can’t handle the growth anymore and I can’t have another wash day where my hair wants to fight with me. I pretty much stuck to my regimen with this stretch and I am anxious to see how it worked out. Continue reading


Hello there

I have had this blog for about a year and a half now to document my healthy hair journey, it was mostly for myself so that I can track my progress – and for me blogging does this because I love writing and I am able to post pictures. So anyway, because it was just for me – I kept the blog private, but I felt left out from being able to share my experiences and link up with other people on the same journey as me. So I am revamping and starting on a clean slate – I have decided to keep my older posts private because they are really not for public consumption, I took them knowing that no-one else will see them.

So I am so excited to be in the ‘public space’ now and interact with other ladies on their hair journey.

Here is a bit of info about my hair:

  • I have so many textures on my head, but I am mostly texlaxed, I have sprinklings of bone straight relaxed hair and my hairline is natural
  • I self-relax (I have done so for my last 4 relaxers)
  • I love experimenting with different styles on my own hair (rollersets, perm rods – I have done them all)
  • When flat-ironed, my hair is just over APL
  • My hair is fairly thin – hence the decision to texlax over relax

20140928_134641This is my hair (flat ironed) at my last relaxer on the 28th of September 2014