Wash Day | Weave takedown

I took down my weave this past weekend and gave my hair a much needed wash. After the horrendous experience I had the last time I took down a weave, I knew I had to make some changes this time around. On Friday night, I was lucky enough to have someone to help me with the removal of the weave – and my helper was super gentle, so that process was seamless. However, I did have parts of my hair that were intertwined with the fake hair that I had to gently separate. 

The next morning I undid the cornrows, my hair felt moisturised, so I am glad about that part. I then started to detangle, I parted my hair into 8 sections and tackled each section one by one. I had knots for daaaays and the new growth was matted, I grabbed a chair, put on some Youtube videos and took my time. The whole detangling took me just over 2 hours! I was as gentle as I could be but by the end of it all my scalp felt so tender from all the pulling and combing of the hair. I think I am going to wait a while before I do another weave again.

The remainder of my wash day went as follows:

  • Prepoo: Hot oil treatment with olive oil
  • Shampoo: ORS Creamy Aloe
  • Instant DC: Watsons Repairing Treatment Conditioner with Argan Oil
  • DC: Afrobotanics Repairing and Strengthening Treatment for 30 minutes with heat
  • Leave-Ins: Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner and Motions CPR Triple Action Leave in Conditioner
  • Moisturising and Sealing: AfroBotanics Conditioning Moisturiser, Jojoba Oil
  • Styling: Perm rod set

wpid-20150719_154118.jpgI did a very good job with the 2 hour detangling because I hardly had any knots during the wash process.

Off topic: I attended the MTV African Music Awards, how awesome was that P-Square performance! It’s such a shame that they haven’t toured in SA yet, I’d be the first person to buy the tickets.

Some of the hair from my perm rod set didn’t dry in time and I was pressed for time so I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t pull off a short permed look like here – so I ended up stretching the curls, wearing a head band and then tucking the ends.

By the next day my hair was not soft at all 😦 – it felt rather dry, so I am definitely planning for a midweek co-wash to boost my moisture levels. In the meantime, I have my hair in a doughnut bun.


4 thoughts on “Wash Day | Weave takedown

  1. DontTouchHair says:

    I’m glad you were able to minimize the tangles. I hope the co-wash helps your moisture levels.

    I watched the awards this weekend. It looked like so much fun.

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