New Growth Aid

I am at it again, being experimental with my hair/hair products. During my last stretch, I used JBCO as a growth aid for my hair. I aimed for 3 scalp massages a week, I also used it in my monthly inversions.

But I want to try something new: it’s the Groganics DHT BLocker System Grotivator Growth Moisturising Lotion. It claims to protect, weak hair, help to increase blood flow, strengthen follicles and promote strong, healthy hair. It should be used by people with advanced hair loss and severly thinning hair only.

I have heard of the Groganics brand, but only their hair vitamins which have received good reviews, but unfortunately we don’t get those in South Africa. I called the company that manufactures some of the products in the line, however they do not manufacture the vitamins here in SA.

_DSC1588I plan on using it as my only growth aid over this stretch since I have ditched the Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins I was taking. The product can apparently be also used on the hair, but I will just keep it to scalp use only. It has mineral oil listed fourth on the ingredient list, after water, olive oil and glycerine, so I have to give my hair a weekly wash in order to prevent drying and breaking.

The product itself is a thick, creamy pale yellow liquid. It comes in a 236ml container and I bought it for R41 at my local wholesaler.


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