April Favourites


Definitely my fave hair related product was my scissors. I cut off all my tin ends earlier in the month and my hair looks so much better! So these scissors were a winner, I will not hesitate to use them the next time I have to get rid of some thinning ends.


These two beauty products go hand in hand, I started epilating my underarms in March this year, mostly because I just couldn’t find time to make it to the salon for regular waxing sessions so I would have to resort to shaving. This is bad news for me because shaving never loved me – my underarm skin becomes rough and I get ingrown hairs and it causes the skin in that area to be dark.

Epilating can be painful – actually no, scratch that – it is painful. I think what made it better for me is that I have been waxing for a while now so I am used to the pain associated with hair removal. But in the short time that I have been epilating, I have been reaping the benefits – smooth skin, no ingrown hairs and thinner hair overall. I bought my epilator at Clicks for about R150.

The second product is the Sorbet Slow Down Sugar Hair Retarder which is meant to slow down the appearance of hair growth from the inside out. I use this every night to buy me some time between epilating sessions. I bought this at a Sorbet Salon for R80 for 50 ml,


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