First Impressions | Zirana Heating Cap

I have used my new heating cap a few times now since I bought it, and I thought it deserves its own post along with a first impressions. I bought the cap in Bangkok, you can see all my other South East Asia purchases in my January haul post.

FotorCreated1The cap has coils inside, these remind me of an electric blanket, and these provide the heat. It also came with a fabric-esque shower cap, but I do not use this, I use regular shower caps. There is also a draw string to adjust the cap to the size of your head to fit snuggly, again I do not use this, I find that the cap fits perfectly without having to tighten it. There are 2 heating settings, I find the first one not hot enough, so I use the higher one. Because I bought the cap overseas, it had flat square pins, luckily I saw this while I was at the shop and I asked the seller to give me an adapter to fit South African round pins.

FotorCreated3The inner plastic cap is removable, so it is possible to wash it – though I think this will not be necessary if you wear a shower cap when using it.

The good: The heating provided by this cap is awesome and I find that it evenly distributes heat to all parts of my head. This already makes it better than my soft hooded drier. It heats up quickly and delivers constant heat throughout, like I said, I use it on the higher setting, but you can always switch back and forth between high and low if it gets too hot.

The not so good: I find the cord too short, so I really have to do some serious manoeuvring when I use it – this can be fixed though by using an extension cord.  I have felt sleepy every time I have used the cap, I have managed to fight the feeling off, but I am going to start scheduling 15 minute naps after I deep condition my hair 🙂

I have not seen these been sold anywhere in South Africa, even at the China Mall shops (I have looked). You can buy them online from AliExpress for cheaper than I bought mine for.

I really really love my heating cap, it was definitely a good investment and I highly recommend it.



5 thoughts on “First Impressions | Zirana Heating Cap

    • Lungi says:

      I have the soft hooded drier that I attach to a blowdrier to provide the heat. I bought that one in Switzerland, but it is also available on AliExpress.

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