[how I] make my moisturising spritz

Just a short post with my current favourite recipe for my moisturising spritz. I use this spritz to moisturise my hair when it is in a protective style: weaves, wigs, braids. At the beginning of my hair journey, I used to buy braid sprays and such like, but my experimental side came to the fore and I chose to make my own and I haven’t looked back ever since. I’ve tried a few formulas and I have found one that works i.e. my hair feels so moisturised after I take down the style.

wpid-20150202_173855.jpgI use water, a moisturising leave-in (in this case the Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner), glycerine and some peppermint oil. I don’t specifically measure out how much I put in – but I have done a pictorial so that you can see the amounts. I specifically use the Beautiful Textures Leave-In Conditioner because it has a larger quantity of natural products, I’m not keen on using a lot of synthetic ingredients when my hair is in a PS because I feel that this causes build up.


  1. I add the water to a plastic bottle which has a spray nozzle lid, and some glycerine – you can see that at the bottom
  2. I add some squeezes of the conditioner (it looks like a science experiment 🙂 )
  3. I add 10 drops of the peppermint oil – it’s the little bit floating at the top

There you have it, I shake it up and start using it. This quantity lasts me for the duration of the protective style (5 weeks) and I use it twice a day.

Side note: I used to add a carrier oil previously and I found that it got gunky and turned black *eeeuuwww* – so I swiftly stopped using it.


7 thoughts on “[how I] make my moisturising spritz

  1. beccakar says:

    Lol to the carrier oil effect. I’m also looking for the perfect homemade mix,mine is similar but I added abit of aloe Vera juice, Rosemary oil, and olive oil (hopefully the mix won’t turn black!). Have you found your mix to be moisturizing?

    • Lungi says:

      It’s definitely moisturising – usually after I take off the protective style, my hair is not dry.
      I have never used Aloe Vera juice before, I might just try it in the future

    • Lungi says:

      I had used castor oil, thinking about it I think I had kept the mixture for a while.
      I’m getting intrigued about the aloe vera juice.
      Thanks for the comment

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