[Wash Day] 1 week post

I love wash days a few weeks after I relax my hair, they are so fuss free and quick!
Here is what I did on this quick wash day:

1. Did a hot oil treatment as a prepoo using coconut oil.  Covered in a shower cap and kept it for 30 minutes without heat.
2. I used the Dr Miracle’s Curly Care Rehydrating Shampoo. This was a trial size which I received with my beauty subscription monthly thing. I loved the smell of the shampoo and ot reminded me a bit of the ORS Creamy Aloe. However, the trial size was teeny tiny so I had to supplement it with another generic shampoo
3. I deep conditioned overnight using a mixture of Dabur Vatika Intensive Nourishment Deep Conditioner, glycerine and my JBCO oil mix.
4. In the morning I rinsed off the DC and wrapped my hair in a towel.
5. I applied the Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave In Conditioner,  coconut oil and sealed eveything with olive oil.
6. Combed my hair…and *hallelujah* no tangles!
7. Rolled up my ends, and secured with a bobby pin. I probably will be wearing my hair like this till the next wash day.

I assessed my hair properly with regards to my relaxer results, I have some sections especially in the front that are straighter than I would have like. I will have to tweak the relaxer process probably I will decrease the smoothing time. Overall, I am happy 🙂

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The Wash Day Experience

6 thoughts on “[Wash Day] 1 week post

  1. JcCee says:

    I also love the wash day after relaxer. I have yet to try glycerin. I think I’m going to look into adding it in my regimen. Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy Hair Journey 🙂

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