Hair challenges for 2015

We all know our favourite hair bloggers from all over the world like hosting hair challenges throughout the year, these are mostly done to instill good hair habits, get some good growth rates and length retention and also create a hair community where participants can encourage each other. I have never participated in a hair challenge before *boo hoo* – the timing has never been right (like when I hear about the challenge, my hair is in a long term PS). I have listed some hair challenges that I know of that are starting at the beginning of 2015 – so if like me, you like planning your hair journey waaay in advance. Please let me know of any I have missed in the comments, or let me know of those you will be participating in!

I have signed up for the #GrowthChallenge 2015 and I will be on the Ninja Growth and Rested Growth routines.

Do you like hair challenges? Which ones will you be joining?


5 thoughts on “Hair challenges for 2015

  1. Relaxed Thairapy says:

    I’m cohosting the #growthchallenge2015 so I’ll be participating in that. I’ll be hosting and participating in some other challenges throughout the year. Challenges are like goals, things to strive toward. I don’t let them overwhelm me. When a challenge becomes overwhelming, I quit that one and move on with life. This is suppose to be fun, not an aggravation.

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