Wash Day | Box Braids Edition

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I have had my box braids and it is definitely time for a wash day. Washing my braids has always been a drag for me because it is so tedious and they take forever to dry – but even with all that complaining, it has to be done.

[1] I diluted the BodyShop RainForest Shine Shampoo 1:2 and added 10 drops of peppermint oil – this mixture went into an applicator bottle. I applied the shampoo mixture to my dry braids concentrating on my scalp and rubbed. I do it this way because: I can be sure that the mixture is applied all over the scalp and I avoid wetting my braids unnecesarily because they are heavy to work with. I then wet the braids and rubbed a bit more added some mixture to the extensions and then rinsed with cold water. I wrapped the braids for a bit and jumped into the shower.

[2] I diluted the Dabur Vatika Deep Conditioning conditioner 1:1. I added this mixture to the extensions up to where my real hair ends. I left it on my hair for about 20 minutes and then rinsed.

[3] I wrapped the braids in a towel for over 3 hours till they weren’t dripping (the worst part for me about having long braids)

[4] I  airdried throughout the day

[5] When my hair was completely dry (I did not use a scarf to wrap my hair at night to ensure complete drying) I moisturised using my homemade moisturising spritz and massaged my scalp using my oil mix.

Some tips I have gained through braids wash days:

  • I try to wash my hair first thing in the morning so that I can get the whole day to airdry
  • Diluting the shampoo and conditioner helps when rinsing out – the last thing I want is product left over in my braids
  • I hold my braids into a pony tail while rinsing to ease the weight of the wet braids on my actual hair. I do the same when drying, I tie the braids up into a loose bun at the top of my head and wrap with a towel
The Wash Day Experience

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